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This is nice. I like a good update, even an enigmatic one.


Happy New Year, sweetie.


Sweet and sad and hopeful...v nice.

May 2009 be the year that you add to your family!


Happy New Year! Here's to 2009 and hope and change.

Anna H.

happy new year, boulder -- i loved reading this.

here's to '09. truly.



what a great read, oprah. this should be on your book list. xo

Super B's Mom

Oh I ate this post right up! Love all the tidbits of info. I love how you "fall in love all over again" when hubbie comes home. That gave me a wonderful "Ahhhhh" moment.

And Kid Rock's All Summer Long - great way to sum up that season. Johnny Paycheck's "Take This Job & Shove It" would probably be the pick to summarize my season - but Kid Rock is much easier on the ears.

Love you.

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