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nice to see you around these parts.


I could see this as a SNL skit, but other than that?

And "retard" was the best the writers could come up with considering that they were probably sampling the product at the time.

Lexie Ann

yeah glad to see you back can't wait to see what has been going on. It also gives me the inspiration to go back and update my blog.



I came here via a link from Julia's blog, which I found when searching google for PIO information. I was looking because I was giving myself shots in preperation to be a gestational carrier. I am not infertile, however in Feb 2003 I lost my baby girl at 39 weeks, 4 days due to a cord issue at her birth. I became introduced to a group called "Missing GRACE" due to that and thus found my way to become a surrogate (carrier, really).

Anyway, hi. And I agee - retarded was a really dumb choice of words.


Wah! I got here too late and now the vid won't play. So sad I missed the retard controversey. I had a Tropic Thunder joke all ready to go.

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