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What a great idea! And I get to be the first. Hooray.

I always love seeing a post here, whether it's an update or something else. Now, don't be a tease.


Thanks so much for doing this, Boulder.

Maybe I'm the only one dumb enough not to know this, but in case not, to donate with Paypal through the site, first put the amount you want to donate and THEN log in to your paypal account...


Alex is correct - and she isn't the only one who has ever had trouble with that. Ahem....


LOL, thanks, Boulder. Good to know I'm not alone. One of the wonderful things about the internet (knowing I'm not alone).


Thank you for doing this!


Thanks..I gave what I could now and will give more when I get paid.


I will tell my mom, she is one of Akeeyu's biggest fans. Thanks for doing something Boulder. I've lurked at HerVeryOwn forever but never connected.


Yay! I love this! Akeeyu rocks and I am happy to help.


Thanks, Boulder!

And Alex, I should have read the comments before I tried to donate, because let's just say I'd hate to think your advice was only useful to dumb people.



LOL, er, no offense intended. Maybe my comment should have read, "un-internet-savvy people?" or, to put this is a more positive light, "non-nerds?" Not that I have anything against nerds! Hey, I'm an aspiring nerd myself! But more aspiring than nerd, sadly.


Is there anyway I can donate $$ or anything without using Paypal? I tried to set up an account once and failed spectactularly at it. But I'd love to give *something*. Let me know - either send me an email or post. thanks!


One of the worst holiday seasons of my life was made significantly brighter by some of Akeeyu's homemade cookies.

I'm honored to donate. Thanks so much for doing this.


Thanks for doing this, Boulder!


im with millie....


You're a true friend Boulder and I hope things are going well for you. I think of you often.


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