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Oh my dear friend, so sorry this is all taking so damn long. You really are having to deal with so much crap.

Sending you all my love and smooches.

And I better win that damn quilt.



No, I better win the quilt!
So sorry you have more waiting a head of you. That just sucks, I've been wondering what was going on.
Thanks for the update.

Woody's Girl

Maybe their interpretation is meant to imply that you really do not *know* your husband? Like, maybe he's a Doppleganger or something?

I'm so sorry this process has become so protracted. Please see if you can get your RE to drop the quarantine. Surely Plan Z must work!


dawn in ky

I want that QUILT!!! But if I don't get it that is fine too as long as you get what you and many of us desperaltely want!!! I hate the wait thing and wish that I could help you find a way out of it!!! Best of luck Boulder and thank Julie for making you update us!!!

dawn in ky


Any one of us who thinks of ourselves on plan Z find it hard to take what may be our last step. Frankly I hope this is the last step for you as far as infertility treatments because that means it will be your first step into parenting.

Now, please don't wait so long to update. I want to know that you are still out there.


Good luck with everything. I hope you're able to get past this and get started sooner than the 6 months. I sent you an email with a link to some information that I hope will be useful for you.



I've been thinking about you big time, girly. Keep those updates a'coming, please!


It's so very nice to see an update from you. I think the 6 months is only for donor stuff--I know this is related to the changes in donor embryos but from my reading of this you should be ok. I hope you get an answer soon.

Oh and since I'm all back from SA, lemme know if you need any more gifts. I know we talked about this earlier but just wanted you to know I was still thinking about you.


Hugs,swetie, just loads of hugs.

meg from the egg

Boulder - I'm sorry to here about the latest stuffaround. I hope things turn out for you. x

Jen (yup, another one)

Yes, I do have a clinic that is interpreting that in the opposite - as of May 2005 they STOPPED requiring quarantine for known donor sperm. I don't know anything about SART but if you e-mail me I can give you more details. additionproblems AT gmail DOT com.

Wishing you all the best luck - the karma of that quilt ought to do SOMETHING!!


Now that's some BS. I don't have anything helpful to offer about it, but it seems like something could be done. Maybe a more learned soul with offer a good solution.

As for being profound, I think we'll all settle for just being.

Always wishing the best for you.


Criminy - couldn't they figure out all that stuff with a simple blood test? What a pain. Sorry the hoops just keep getting bigger and bigger.


Poo, I didn't win the quilt. But I'm still hoping that your clinic gets a clue and realizes that while they're doing a great job adhering to the guidelines, perhaps they should read them JUST A BIT CLOSER?


Sorry to hear about the delay... as if you haven't waiting long enough.

Good luck!

Jen P

Boulder, I've read this about 4 times, over the course of a few days trying to make sense of it. Trying to google around. I just don't get how your own husband's sperm can be identified as anon. I keep thinking -- bastards?! Are they afraid of a civil lawsuit of some sort?? Has it actually happened?


I hope you can get some answers. If not we'll all kick some ass.

You've waited so very long and want this so very much. I don't get it.

Life sucks.

Meira Voirdire

Well, I think that interpretation just sucks. And is so obviously wrong . . . !!!

I'm sorry. I'll hold out hope for something to change or your RE to come to their senses or something . . . anything . . . ;o)


I've got nothing useful to offer, just heartfelt angst that you are facing yet another delay. I've been lurking and hoping along with you... I hope you find a way around this latest roadblock.


The delays and the bureaucracy all become such a part of the process that I do not know what we would do if they were not there. It looks like a snafu to me on the 6 month quarantine but what the heck do I know? Waiting and twiddling thumbs alongside you, my dear.


Im really sorry for the unexpected wait!! I hope it goes fast and you are on your way to motherhood!!! Your last statement made me laugh out loud!


6 months???? Sorry I know nothing about the SART guidelines... however I hope that you are able to gently change your RE's opinion on the interpretation of those guidelines. Will keep my fingers crossed and thank you so much for updating while I like Albert I am glad to hear that you're still trying to get your boxes all checked and taken care of.


You have a stupid clinic. They do NOT need to quarrantine your dh's sperm. It is NOT an anonymous situation. Are they experienced with using GS???

(I have done five IVF cycles with GS's, and the last was after that new stupid law).


Plan Z is working for me so far. It will work for you too. Love M


I don't have any wisdom for you unfortunately, but I've got loads of righteous indignation that I'm happy to share.

It's good to hear from you. I'm sorry that you're in waiting mode, but glad to know that your plan is still in motion (albeit slowly).


(Update, please?)


Any updates? Even with the stupid quarantine, you should be halfway there by now, right?


I don't think every clinic is following the same rationale.


What's going on with you? Thinking of you...
Maybe you could compose a new post just for me?


Hope all is going well. I hope you are soon to be out of limbo.

Beth in Michigan

What's going on with you, Boulder? I see you comment at T's, but no news? Oh well, I'm sending you some love anyway! Hope you have a Happy Friday!


Post! Post! Post!
The 6 months are up!


Bueller? Bueller? Boulder?


Please tell us some news. We miss you.

Woody's Girl

It's 12:05AM (just past midnight) on Oct 12th... EXACTLY 6 frickin' long months from this post.

So... are you (or DH, actually) out of quarantine yet?

Thinking of you,


{banging fists on table}:



Joining the masses to beg for a post.


Hey, it's way over six months now!! Whats going on????



Here, Boulder, Boulder! Come to your bloggie! Thaaat's a good Boulder. Come to the keyboard. Right here. That's a girl.


Just popping in hoping for an update... wishing you well... and all that good stuff... post please...


BoulllllllllllldERRRRRRRRRRRR! (in a whiny, petulant voice).

We are very worried about you, won't you please say hello? Even if you don't give us any news, maybe just a short post about nothing? Or something?

I hope you are okay. Actually I hope you are more than okay, I hope you're doing great.


I'm with Erica and the rest, BOULDY, SHOW THYSELF!!! Nu? NU?? Please post something - not a meme, though, real info! Please please please.

Hope you survived the festivities in one piece. [And yes darling, I know, and it warms my heart.]

Jen P

Wishing 2007 treats you well and warmly and not at all in the usual sucking way.


BOULDER? What the bloody hell is going on tart?

Really, a little tid bit update please?

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