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Once I started down this road, every "luxury" I had enjoyed before our infertility woes now becomes what does this dollar equal in treatment? New shoes = 10 vials of repronex (overseas cost); Dinner out = 3 weeks PIO supply; etc. Your fertility and lack thereof definitely comes with a price.


Yeow! So sorry about your toe, and sending you healing wishes. Oh, and lottery wishes, too.


My laptop cord caught fire too! Luckily I was using it at the time. Not a Mac though. And the toe...ouch.


Well I was gonna say maybe your luck is changing till I read about the toe. Ouch!!
Hopefully Julie's quilt is making you lots of ivf$!!Hope the toe pain goes away soon and Im glad that yoy are posting again!! I had two post to read from you today wooohhooo
dawn in ky


Thinking of you, your toe, and your laptop. So does it still work? (The laptop)

And the doctor's appointment... only socks removed?

A belated happy new year now that my comptuer is working again--also a Mac lover here!


Ahh, yes. Everything in our household is thought of in terms of "adoption dollars." One dinner night out = one night in hotel during adoption stay, etc.

Hope your toe is okay!

Lut C.

But what about the Mac? Is it okay? It's only your lifeline, your link to the world.


I'm a computer addict, can you tell?


Oh, OUCH! Even though I have a hate-hate relationship with my sexy, 17" flat-screen iMac, c. 2002 (No sweetie, I didn't write that about you...just keep letting me type) it has never tried to maim me! Hope you're on the mend. Coincidentally, yesterday, I was lusting over the new MacBook Pro with the dual Intel chip. Four times faster! All I wanted was a little G4 ibook to take to bed for reading email, surfing the net, and taking to South Africa, but that MacBook Pro is like a siren, calling me. Friggin' $1000 more, too. I'm probably going to get one when the reviews are all out. Damn it! Remind me why I want another Mac...


I hope your toe is okay - the laptop too.

It's interesting how life puts the value of things in perspective.

I am craving a new notebook but then I find ways to keep mine going. I've been giving up the lattes too - it's all money better spent.

MFA Mama

Oh, Shit Boulder. That's like me and the crockpot. My foot STILL hurts from that but I, er, haven't done diddly about it. It's not like it's my crotch or anything. BWAHH.


Hey Boulder,
A friend of Tertia sent me over...I'm a newbie, "only" on IVF#3 and guess what? They switched me to Gonal-F so I have quite a bit of Follistim left over, looking for a home.
You still in need? email me and I'll get the Folli in the mail to you.
(A friend of GirlH)


Ah, the Titanium Powerbook. Such a nice computer, but so many little design flaws--they crack, the (decidedly non-titanium) hinges break, the batteries can fall out or get stuck in...and yet, they were such good computers. They corrected most of that stuff with the Aluminum series; too bad IVF takes all the money in the world. And Lynette, the performance claims for that MacBook Pro are highly inflated, and if you got a G4 iBook now you'd still love it; I just got the 12" and it's wonderful. The battery life is amazing, which is definitely not something people are going to be saying about the MacBook, even with its fancy-pants battery. God. I have got to stop raving about Macs on other people's blogs--but I love them so (and I was raised a PC girl, though at work I service both).

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