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That's insane for lab results to take that long! I would ask your RE for an alternative offie that can be a little more "timely" in getting results. The problem with the GP is that even tho they can take your blood, they probably had to send it to a major hospital lab or independent lab. Can you imagine the shipping and handling nightmare over the holiday weekend? Aaack!


I am jealous. Not of how long it took to get the results, that just plain stinks. But that FSH...I WISH! Happy cycling!

Amber (32. and kind of yucky FSH)


I hate waiting for test results. It looks to me like those were worth the wait, though. Congrats.


I say YES, your luck is changing.....


I'm visiting for the first time. Damn, you have been through a lot. I wanted to wish you luck with your meds collection. I wish I could help but I'm in a similar situation (gearing up for IVF#7; 600iu/day--last time we went for 13 days!; no IVF or drug coverage).
Hope 2006 brings good things for you.



I feel your pain - also no coverage at all. Ugh.

Thanks for stopping by & for the wishes, I'll be hoping for the same for you~


I just found you through Tertia's blog. I'm heading off to Cape Town (for a donor cycle) in a couple of days and won't be back until late January. My last ivf cycle was a hefty 750 iu per day for 17 days so I feel a tiny bit of your pain.

Best of luck to you regardless.


Great test results. Some good news for a change indeed!


Great test results! Call me damnit!


Sexy results! I realized I have crinone too - I'll be packaging all up unless I hear from you. And hey - what's so bad about high fsh, sure it's a gloomy, miserable pit of despair, but we throw the best parties. Well ok, they're pity parties...

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