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That is a great chart! The content...not so much, but the way you've designed it - very cool. I may do one myself, just to get my life in order.
Luv to you, Lala
p.s. I was driving by a gas station today that advertised a 20mil jackpot for Friday and one of my first thoughts was, if I won, to buy you all your stims.


Got linked to you from Tertia. Will be donating $$. I hope you got everything ironed out on the contract and that the first cycle is a successful one for you!


Came via Tertia.

It's been years since I've needed the meds, so I have none left. I so admire your pursuit of your dream and have made a small donation. I will also be sending you all the baby vibes I can muster - I do hope to read of a baby for you in 2006.

Big hugs from NYC.


Found you through Tertia's blog. Good luck on the IVF and finding the money, surrogate, etc. We were lucky enough to conceive twins on the first IVF...they just turned 1. They are the joy of my life. I wish you the same wonderful experience. Made a small donation.


Boulder: Best of luck in preparing for this cycle - I think your FSH number is fantabulous!

Chart is very, very sad. Mine isn't nearly that sad, yet I feel like I've been through a few wars, I can only imagine how weary you are. But I'm so glad you are trying again, I'll have everything crossed for you!



Oh Bouldy, I'm so relieved you're back! i didn't want to ask in case it was more good news but I've been coming here like a mad woman. I'm so happy you're getting your things and you know I am thinking the best of thoughts for you. May 2006 be nothing but kind.


For some reason I can't get your email to come up (I'm sure it's pilot error, as I'm a complete technology ass). Anyway, can you please email me? I've got some goodies to send you and I'll need your mailing address. I really hope I can help.


Charles (Canadian in Hong Kong)

I stopped by to check in on your blog and wish you a Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true in 2006!

Jen P

Just sending love. xoxo

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