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I'm so sorry.

I'm still not over losing the cat of my soul in early 2004. I remember being so relieved and grateful that his death didn't come until after I'd recovered somewhat from my latest IVF disappointment. Complete saviors, indeed — we need these animals.

Farewell, G*, beautiful, well-loved girl.


Thank you for sharing her with us. I am scared to imagine the depths of the pain.......


Boulder, I am so sorry. That is so heartbreaking. My cats are the only "children" I have now, and it may be that way for a very long time, and I would be lost without them.

I'm so very sorry,


Rayne of Terror

i'm so sorry for your puppy. she is beautiful and i hope she is comfortable and happy.

mlcoe.typepad.com/full_fathom_five recently lost her dog and wrote a moving entry about it. maybe it would be comforting to you.


She is beautiful. I'm so sorry.

I lost my soul cat in February. I still cry when I think of him (he was two and a half) and I miss him every day. I have six other cats and a dog, but there is still an emptiness in my heart.

I'm so glad, for you and your husband, and for her, that her life will end with those that she loves, and that love her.


I'm so terribly, terribly sorry. She is a beautiful girl and your love for her is obvious. I dread the day when I'll have to say goodbye to my darling dogs. I know she must have had a wonderful life with you. I'll be thinking of you all.


I am so sorry. What a beautiful girl. May your memories last a lifetime.


Boulder -

I am so very sorry. Thank you for sharing her story with us - she has a beautiful smile. I will be thinking about you and your husband and G* and S*.


oh boulder im sorry! she is beautiful.
dawn in ky


I'm so sorry. Glad though that you got to share her life though as I'm sure it made both of you richer.


You have my very deepest empathy. I know all too well how very difficult is it to let a *best friend* go. My heart breaks for you and Im shedding tears for *G*. I hope he gets to meet my MOWGLI up in doggie Heaven..


I'm so very sorry. I'm a frequent lurker who has not yet commented, but what more appropriate occassion than this. I think the sickness and death of pets is in many ways harder than of people...for those of us who love animals, anyway. Our pets are these bundles of unconditional love, and to see them in pain, or to watch them die, is the most heartwrenching thing. I hope you can take comfort in knowing that she has had a wonderful life with you, and that you are able to make her final days comfortable and lovely. My heart goes out to you - hang in there.


Oh, I am so sorry. There is nothing worse, I'm sending love and peace to you and her.


So sorry darling



Hi Boulder, I lurk sometimes from Tertia's site and came here today to thank you for helping all of us help Rose. But now that I've seen that beautiful smile and read about your wonderful girl, I have to tell you that my heart is aching for you.

I know the kind of pain you are going through, I too relate better to animals then to people. I lost my beloved T in '02, right after I lost my grandma and I'll bet you can guess which one caused more grief. Yeah, most people really don't understand that.

I'm so sorry you have to go through this, sending you much love and hugs from Michigan. Also, thank you again for thinking of someone else when your own heart is breaking.


I'm so sorry. I lost my best friend earlier this year and it takes so long to get over the sadness but eventually I found I could think more about my treasured memories than my pain. I still do miss him.

I'm sorry - it just sucks though and there no words that will make it better.

Anna H.

I am so, so sorry Boulder -- losing your companion is heart-breaking.



My cat, Frankie, of 17 years (I got him when I was 8) just died 2 weeks ago. I know exactly how you are feeling.


Jen P

Oh Boulder, I'm so so so sorry. I know how much a true friend means to the heart and the soul and I can't even imagine how this feels. I am so sorry for you and your husband. Just so, so sorry.

I wish you both peace and rest.


Oh no Bouldy, I am so sorry! Fuck, how unfair. I was so hopeful for her, the poor thing. You can give her a good death now and that is a terribly generous thing to do, heartbhreaking as it is. I can tell you it is fast and painless, they simply fall asleep. Much, much love to you. I am so so sorry.


Boulder, I check every day (sometimes multiple times) on your blog- I hope you are doing okay. The internets care about you very much... our thoughts are with you.



I'm checking back too. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you.


Oh Boulder....

I'm so sorry to read of G's illness. Having worked in the veterinary field - I know how difficult it is to go through such an ordeal with one you love so dearly.

My thoughts are with you as you go through this trying time. May G have peaceful days.

I love you.


I think abt you two very often. Lots and lots of love, Boulder. Lots.


I'm so, so sorry. I do understand, I know that losing a pet means losing a family member. G was beautiful. I'm crying tears for you and for G. You are in my thoughts.


I'm crying. I know how that feels and it's horrible.

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