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heh heh heh - you'll notice who responded and who didn't to that thread too. Fortunately, a lot of us have each other's email addresses. I would also like to mention that that particular poster got ALL OVER a vet for one of her many helpful emails on the general board. Yeah. Annoying. Very.

The board is in a downtime -it'll come back up though and maybe - ye Gods! be funny again.


I hate her. Complete viseral reaction. Read her thread and couldn't stand her one bit. Who writes like this?: "My clinic is giving away a free cycle tomorrow at a seminar, so you ladies be praying for me that I will win it!!!" Be praying? WTF????? Like, we be praying for ya' down in the ghet-TO sistah.


She's phoney as hell and there's nothing worse on the boards, especially the vets.

I'm glad that you wrote what you did. You're completely justified.


I don't even know the woman or read her and I wish I could wring her neck. Bloody twat!

Good for you!


OMG, boulder, I am laughing my ample ass off. You are a girl after my own heart. I take that board WAY too seriously, but it's a safe haven, a way to make sense of chaos, no? So when it's invaded by numbskulls, I take offense. I refused to post to her, because I think she was one of the skippy happy people who bitchslapped me when I asked somebody with a kid already to not post about c-sections on the gen'l board.

Great job with admin, and nice that she was so jokey back to you. When I whine at her, she's always very serious, and I'm afraid some day she's going to revoke my privileges for being anal retentive!



That's the kind of stuff that keeps me away from boards. But when I see those types of posts by those types of people I feel truly truly grateful to not be one of those types of people, and to be who I am.


I have to admit I had to go lurk to see what was going on. I understand your frustration, there seems to be some really nice people in there and she seems to stand out like a sore thumb.

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