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I'm sorry??? I know this is none of my business but I'd be annoyed as hell!!! So many question marks?????? Maybe I should call them question markies??? Oh and this - !!!!!

Yaiks. I'm sorry Bouldy, it sucks rock. It should be sanctuary isn't it.


Hey sweetie. First of all, I love you.

Second of all, THIS STINKS. I'm NOT a VET and I totally respected the fact that I don't belong on that board. I frequently pop over and read posts, but I don't dare post there - b/c I know I SHOULDN'T. This knuckle head should do the same.

Those of you who are vets, should feel free to post without having to read about some of the stuff she is posting about. That IS the reason you have a seperate board. I guess some people just couldn't get a clue if you threw one at them.

And personally, I think she might have OCBBPD.
Obsessive-compulsive BB Posting Disorder.

Heres to hoping that she gets a clue, or someone lets her down gently.
Then if that doesn't work - maybe someone will rip her a new one. :)


Gee. I can describe this person for you:
"I am the most important person in the room."
"I know you have a story, but mine is better."
"My mommy loves me more than your mommy."
"I'm so special, and you should think so too."
"I think I should be in the top group, just because I was the Tiny Little Princess Runner Up when I was 5."

Does that sum it up?

Jen P

Boulder, it's a shitty situation, because as you said, the admins have gone through a LOT of trouble to prevent people like HER from taking away your safety net.

I think Sharla hit the nail on the head...this chick screams LOOK AT ME!!!

Would some sort of message to the admin help? By saying she's a bit clueless and intruding on your space?

And I agree...could she not possible google some of this herself!? Obviously she's just attention seeking and whiny.

Thinking of you Boulder and hoping her time on the board is very, very short.


shit, I read your most recent post first, and now this one - when you look at all her posts together, it is HILARIOUS! What a wanker. You know what sucks? She'll be pg in no time, and off to the parenting boards, and she'll have no idea that she annoyed so many people. She is a drama queen extraordinaire.

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