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I'll share with you one of the MANY of my mother-in-law's shitty, insensitive comments. The day of my brother's funeral, as I sat by the window, head in hands and sobbing quietly, she came up to me and said, "You should get yourself a haircut. That'll make you feel much better."

If you want more, I have plenty. TRUST ME!

Jen P

Last September I went to the GP to confirm my pg and was subsequently told I was miscarrying. I drag my sorry ass home after the awful news, sit sobbing on the floor waiting for M to come home and the phone rings...It's my SIL.

You know your SIL never calls without either 1) needing someone to shit on or 2) telling you she's pg.

I'm pregnant! She bursts through the line. I feel faint and ill. I'm shaking, trying to congratulate her and I tell her how Matt and I are knee deep in adoption paperwork and have our first home visit come up and she asks how long until we get a baby.

I tell her I don't know but sometime in the next 5 years, etc. She says, "Oh! It's so good it takes so long! Gives you guys time to grow up!"

I threw up shortly after hanging up with her.

Hrrrm, let's see. Are you really sure you want these stories?? It feels like open seasons. This is way better than therapy!

When I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and put on antidepressants so I could finally get to sleep at night, my SIL and her older husband find out.

Ohhhhhhh you need to drop those medicines immediately! Haven't you heard the awful things those drugs do?? Only WEAK people take antidepressants!!

Yeah, because it's not like being on antidepressants didn't help keep me alive or anything. Stupid aholes.

I'm sorry things are rough Boulder. I'm wishing things get better and some really beautiful things start happening for you.


Oh sweetie, I'm sorry things are bad, wish I could do something. I don't have any in-laws stories to regale you with, I'm sorry. Or not.

I had a troll called Goldstein that, after reading one of my posts abt Uzi, told me I was - wait - here it is:

"the most miserable , demeaning, low self esteem female. I have ever encounter. Good luck with your pitiful , wasted life."

Does this help some? Much love to you.


I shall share with you my two most recent monster-in-law stories from this past weekend. First, my MIL is telling me about this woman she works with, who everyone refers to as "Big Mama" because she is a larger lady, so large, that if "you stood next to her Laurel, you would look postively skinny!" My tongue still has marks from biting it so hard. Second, she was looking at a photo album I was putting together from when I was a newborn until now, so she is looking through, commenting on how cute I was when I was a baby/toddler and then she gets to a picture of me when I am 7 or 8 and she says "Oh, here is where you start to look more like yourself". I just kind of stared at her like WTF lady!


Okay - I will delurk and play the IL game :o)

I should preface my story by saying that I am an only child. I am used to my parents full attenion and I expect my parents to treat my husband as one of their own (which they do).

First off events in my family are a big deal. They don't require a gala event but they do require acknowledgement. A card or a phone call will suffice. Don't get me started on the impersonal nature of e-cards - they don't cut it. Anyway... my FIL is a minister and performed our wedding ceremony. On our FIRST anniversary the IL's decided they were going to make the 8 hour drive to visit us - and stay with us in our 800 sq ft apartment. Needles to say there was no romantic dinner in front of the fireplace, no snuggling with a nice bottle of wine and even worse - NO NOOKIE! P. was not happy. For the next couple of years we got a phone call from the IL's sometime late in the evening when I expect they expected us to be at dinner. Then on our 5th anniversary we got NOTHING. No phone call, no card. It was a couple of months before they mentioned it. I was appaled.

Second, my IL's seem to be the type of people who need to be needed. I think that they avoid us sometimes because we don't "need" them in the way they are used to being "needed". We are a self-suffecient couple with minimal problems. There can be months that go by with not so much as a phone call or email. I just can't understand this. However, while my MIL was in town last month my husband spilled the beans that having a baby was not a quick and easy prospect for us. Suprise! MIL calls once a week now. I know she is just dying for details. UGH!

Finally - the "vacation" delima. My husband has two siblings. One sibling has one child and the other sibling has two bilogical chiildren and one step-child. We are the only childless children. We live in four cities in three states and the maximum driving distance for anyone is 14 hours. My IL's (The WHOLE lot of them siblings included) insist that we ALWAYS travel because we "have no kids" and "the money". Now excuse me but WHY should we have to leave OUR home every vacation just because we are childless and therefore have more money? This argument makes me mad every time it comes up. I feel bad for my husband because we don't see his family nearly as much as we used to - I have started to decline most invitations just on principle.

Oh, I feel better now. Thanks for coaxing me out of my hole!


Ooh, where can I start? I'll delurk to tell you the two best and most pricelss of stories. When I was having some gynecological issues a few years ago, after being in remission for 4 years, my MIL told me to "just get a hysterectomy and get it over with" Ha! When my husband decided to share the news of our first miscarriage, she replied "it was probably defective, it's for the best, I can't see you being parents"

Thank you for that unsolicited opinion...


Ok- since you asked so nicely, I will come out of lurkdom to comment. Of course we all have in-law issues. Too many to post.

Like at the buffet after my father's funeral, where my fil went through the living room with my husband, asking which items we were going to "get" (perhaps we could let the body cool first?).

Or the frequent comments about our 'busy' lives (to understand MIL speak- that translates to -you don't love us enough or you would visit more often. Yeah, cuz I love driving 3 hours with two small children to watch you knit!). And don't even bother about suggesting that they visit us. After all they are both retired, and we work full time, so clearly they are too busy to travel to see us.

One of my all time favourites arose after my mil made her yearly comment (as Christmas was approaching)to my daughter about how she wanted to take her to see the Nutcracker. Now, there was nothing impeding her from doing so. She is able bodied, has sufficient funds to purchase tickets etc., but rather than doing so, she would just sigh wistfully and tell my daughter how much she would love to do this. My daugther, year after year, would ask me when they were going.

Finally, I hit upon a solution. I would purchase four tickets to the Nutcracker- two for the in-laws, and two for my two kids, and they could go and have a merry time. We envisioned (and suggested) a weekend visit for the in-laws which would culminate in the show (maybe lunch or dinner at a retaurant too?) This was part of our Christmas present to the in-laws and tickets were front row and very pricey.

So, what did they do? FIL stayed home, and gave his ticket to his daughter (without letting us know) and then announced that his daughter would pick up the kids and drive them to the theatre and MIL would meet them there. Two hour show, and everyone returned home.

Nice. So much for the sappy romantic grandma-grandchild excursion.

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