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I don't know if I like where this is going...I'm scared for you. I don't have inlaws, P was raised by wolves. Lucky me!


OK, I'm hooked. Tell us more. (And sorry not to contribute an in-laws story, but, after years of struggle, I've finally made peace with mine and am going to keep the dead buried.)


im with anne, i need more. i have finished my latest book and need another. please, another installment soon, but i need a visual description of GF. does she wear hotpants and lame? tammy faye makeup and hair? details please. ps - a picture would be okay too.


Hiya, boulder! Boy, do I have in-laws. Evil SIL. Clueless/infinitely annoying MIL. Megalomaniac FIL. GET ME AWAY FROM THEM!!!

Anxiously waiting for part deux... gotta bookmark you now so I don't forget to check back (I compulsively read so many blogs, it's like getting lost in a maze).



Wha?? WHERE ARE YOU?? Get back here and finish this, you don't even sleep, woman, no excuse! And you update so infrequently! GAH!

Mind-teaserish twat.


Do I have in-law issues? Excuse me while I laugh uproariously: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I have a MIL who's Queen of the Martyrs (BOW, ye knaves!), a FIL who's a raging alcoholic, and a BIL (aka The Golden Child) who's on his fourth wife (soon-to-be fourth EX-wife) and he's only 35!

Oh, and did I mention they live next door?

Anyhoo, go on with your story. . .


Crazy MIL stories... my MIL actually thought it would be neat to DEPANTS me in front of my DH entire family (kids included) while we were at a family reunion and hanging out watching tv. She thought she was the funniest thing. She's an absolute idiot. When DH and I were going through IVF hell, she made all these comments to me about how relieved she was that my DH had a son from a previous marriage (whom I have adopted) because that showed her that it's my problem and not his and, just in case our marriage didn't work out, she could have another grandbaby with another girl.

She's unbelievable and I've got more for you, if interested!

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