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I loved this post and your wonderful pictures. More, please.


Oh such loveliness, I'm so happy for you! It all looks and sounds absolutely fabulous. I'm bloody envious too. Yey for a brilliant holyday!


this is a GREAT POST!

i used to be a hotels writer so i could well imagine your actions and attempts to keep an eye on anything that might be extraordinary...great post.

my darling, if you like coco, you might also want to splash on paloma picasso. that's the second of my two favourite fragrances.

lanai is such a hawaiian word...over here we just use terrace....

GREAT POST. so happy you are there!
one of the most scented flowers in the tropics is the franjipani. i love franjipani. it blooms outside our flat and the scent is amazing.


Your time in Hawai'i sounds absolutely heavenly. We were there for Christmas, and it was a vacation we will never forget. I can't wait to read more!


OMG- I so could have written this post- literally. Tess told me that another online friend had gone to Hawaii, so when I saw your Hawaii posts listed, I had to read. Not only were we in Hawaii at the same time (we were there 4/12-4/21), but we stayed at the Ihilani for most of the time. Too weird.

Loved the rooms, loved the spa, had the same experiences re: what the locals said about seeing the sights outside the resort. Also, wasn't it strange how the resort was built in the middle of this industrial area? I guess its the only beachfront left on Oahu.

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