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Glad to see you. Sorry for your February being such a bad month for you. HUGS. March will be here soon.


Glad I have been checking this blog every day for a month...just waiting...I will be back in a few days! Sorry Feb sucks.


Oh Boulder... Love, J.


So sorry February has sucked ass for so long. Almost over, I promise.

Thank you for being so fantastic in the email back to me. I had no idea.


Hang in there - one more day. March will totally rule for you, I promise.

Anna H.

So sorry that February is such an awful month for you...

Here's to March!



i came here to write about how smart you are for making the connection that i live in groundhog day and instead i am in tears....

for such a short month, february still packs a terrible emotional punch. oh sweetie...

the tim=hot thing. how terribly, terribly sad. unsolved means unresolved to loved ones, which is even more painful, i would imagine.

the miscarriages....every year you have that reminder of what didn't happen. someone once said that infertility is like having your dreams taken away from you, one dream at a time. february must be instead of your dream catcher, your dream taker.

xo tess


I have seen you comment on other blogs and followed your link. I am sorry that February is so hard for you. I feel that way about January for similar reasons (the biggest being that my brother died in January but also little things like the ho-hum post holiday blues, the weather usually sucks, there is no holiday to celebrate, etc. Everytime Feb 1 rolls around I give a sigh of relief.)

I'm glad my January and your February are over for this year.

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