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Happy fabulous 14th year, Boulder!

I despise your FIL. You will be so much happier away from that rat bastard.

Your night away with coladas sounded wonderful - yay to your husband for coming through!


your hubby sounds like a dream.... glad you had a good time....
a lurker from tertia's site
dawn in ky


Glad your DH is nothing like the crazy FIL! The time away sounds great.
Sorry about CD1, but did you really want to conceive in that house? Hope you're moving very soon!

Jen P

Oh the hotel looks soooo beautiful!! I hope you guys had a lovely break and your ratbag FIL gets what's coming to him.

Boulder's husband rocks.

And dogs poo. Period. That man seriously annoys me.

Best wishes to you.


Your getwaway sounds fantastic. Pictures, please!

Your husband sounds like a dreamboat. Pictures, please!

Your father-in-law sounds like a jackass. Bludgeon, please!


Hey, Just want to say I'm really glad you're back.


You see what happens when I delurk? I start commenting all over the place!

We have too many life parallels involving inlaws for me to even go into on this post but I have to say this: Yes! This is your 14th year, you don't count them till they are over, right? So last year was your 13th! It's over! Onward and upward, honey! The glass? It's half full.

(Yes, I'm a freaking Pollyanna, why do you ask?)

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